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Pure Alkaline 9.5+ pH Water

Pure pH Balanced Water

Pure Alkaline 9.5+ pH Water

A high pH value is hugely important in drinking water, because its alkalinity helps return the body's pH back to neutral (7), balancing many of the acidic elements we encounter every day. An ideal drinking water to maintain good health has an alkaline pH level between 8 and 9.5 - Darling Water's pH level is 8.3.

A key point is that Sodium can influence the pH level, which is why some water companies add Sodium to boost pH. Ideally, a water can be high in natural pH while also having almost no sodium! To be safe for infants as well as avoiding hypertension in adults, drinking water must be low or close to zero in sodium - ideally with levels of 1 mg/l or lower. Darling Water has just 0.15 mg/l.

A high level - 10 mg/l or higher - of Dissolved Oxygen adds a fresh taste to water. The DO level of Darling Water is 10.8 mg/l. Because municipal supplies contain far lower levels of DO to help preserve water pipes, tap water tastes much less 'crisp' than some bottled waters. High DO also signifies purity and the likelihood that TOC will be low.

The EPA and FDA do not regulate nitrate levels in drinking water enough - maximum levels should be below 10 mg/l. A high grade water should not exceed 3 mg/l. Darling Water's nitrate level is only 1.83 mg/l, making it safe for all to enjoy.

Carbon levels in water are used as a measure of its purity. You can think of TOC as a "bacteria food" which means that the higher the level, the increased risk that bacteria are able to form in the water. Organic carbon levels in drinking water should be at most 0.15 mg/l to reduce the risk of contamination - Darling Water's TOC score is just 0.09 mg/l.

The body absorbs Calcium in a two to one ratio with Magnesium. When you go to a drug store or Vitamin store they will always recommend that you take 2 Ca tablets with 1 Mg tablet. Advertised Calcium waters that do not have the commensurate Magnesium ratio content are not effective. Darling Water has the ideal 2:1 Ratio.